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Fritada Spinach/egg/cheese casserole (related to 'frittada').
Generic Risotto This is the general template Ben uses to make risotto.
Habanero Chili A mostly standard vegetarian chili recipe, but jazzed up by the rich complementary flavors of fresh habanero pepper (a.k.a. "scotch bonnet" pepper), and Black Diamond cheddar. (Black Diamond is a brand of aged sharp cheddar which inspired this recipe.)
Homemade Pancakes Simple pancakes, thinner than fluffy, with a nice crunchy rim.
Hot Sauce - Inner Beauty II Found this recipe on the internet, when searching for 'hot sauce recipes, inner beauty'. Inner Beauty was my favorite brand of hot sauce, no longer available. I'm psyched that someone tried to reproduce it!
Mazza Sentada A classic Sephardic recipe from Ben's mom's family, served to him many times by his grandmother. In Ladino, means "sitting matzah". Often served at Passover (duh, matzah.)
Potato Leek Soup This recipe comes from a monastery cookbook, which refers to it as "Traditional Austrian Cheese Soup". I make it so often, though, that I've come to think of it as a "potato leek" soup instead... the fact that it's cream-based doesn't seem like the main thing to remember.
Spinach Balls Little yummy balls of spinach, cheese, oil and breadcrumbs.

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