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Spinach Balls Little yummy balls of spinach, cheese, oil and breadcrumbs.
Habanero Chili A mostly standard vegetarian chili recipe, but jazzed up by the rich complementary flavors of fresh habanero pepper (a.k.a. "scotch bonnet" pepper), and Black Diamond cheddar. (Black Diamond is a brand of aged sharp cheddar which inspired this recipe.)
Potato Leek Soup This recipe comes from a monastery cookbook, which refers to it as "Traditional Austrian Cheese Soup". I make it so often, though, that I've come to think of it as a "potato leek" soup instead... the fact that it's cream-based doesn't seem like the main thing to remember.
Generic Risotto This is the general template Ben uses to make risotto.
Fritada Spinach/egg/cheese casserole (related to 'frittada').

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