Mazza Sentada

A classic Sephardic recipe from Ben's mom's family, served to him many times by his grandmother. In Ladino, means "sitting matzah". Often served at Passover (duh, matzah.)


· brown the diced onions and meat, add salt & pepper.
· Add diced celery & pepper, continue browning.
· Turn off heat, add chopped hardboiled eggs to mixture.


· Strain meat juice, add to chicken broth. Add oil/schmaltz till it looks like soup.
· When cool, add 2 beaten eggs for binding.


· oil 9x13x2 lasagna pan; add matzah layer on bottom, then filling. Alternate 2-3 times, ending with matzah on top.
· Slowly add all the liquid, allowing it be absorbed. Top should glisten.
· Bake at 350 for 45 min.

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