Homemade Pancakes

Simple pancakes, thinner than fluffy, with a nice crunchy rim.

1. Warm up griddle on low heat. Into bowl or pitcher, sift flour, baking powder, sugar, salt.

2. In small bowl, beat egg well; add milk, butter. Slowly stir into flour mixture mixing only until dry ingredients are wet.

3. When griddle is hot enough to make a drop of cold water dance, lighly grease... Drop batter from pitcher or large spoon onto griddle, lightly spreading each cake with back of spoon into round 4" diameter cakes. Don't crowd cakes or they'll be difficult to turn...

4. Cook over low heat until rim of each cake is full of broken bubbles and underside is golden brown, flip with broad spatula or pancake turner; brown other side, turn only once.

5. Serve.

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